We Believe in Reproductive Possibility

MISSION: We protect the inalienable right to life, and we aim to greatly decrease the abortion rate while protecting and empowering the rights of women. We look to bolster the prospect of reproductive possibility while securing a woman's access to reproductive care, with an emphasis on prenatal and postnatal services.

If we are truly pro-life, we must care about life from the womb to the tomb. That’s why our work must continue to ensure a decrease in maternal death rates. We must also aim to secure the safety and survival of children in impoverished homes, reform the foster care system, and improve adoption possibilities for eager aspiring parents. 

If we are truly pro-choice, we must also empower women to be able to choose life. Unborn children must again be seen as vital and worthy of advocacy, but they must not remain our only concern. We tackle reducing the rate of abortion by focusing on all of the areas that cause women to choose abortion out of victimization, desperation, lack of resources, lack of support, and/or risk to livelihood and career progression. Because it is right and for the good of our nation, our innovation, and our future, our focus is ensuring more babies not only make it to term, but they, their parents, and/or guardians have access to what they need to live thriving lives of great potential and purpose.

Where do we stand on Roe v. Wade?

We believe abortion is wrong, that life at every stage is sacred, and that abortion is counterintuitive to survival. Nevertheless, our focus is not on reversing Roe v. Wade, because we believe it would be more symbolic than effective in reducing the abortion rate, and it would increase the death rates of desperate women facing unexpected pregnancies. Because we believe in the sanctity of life, we cannot take those lives lightly, either. What the facts tell us are that abortions have been decreasing not because of stricter laws, but because of increased access to long-term contraception. 

The following focus areas are where we will take up the fight to help women be able to choose life more often and more powerfully:


A. Desperation/Lack of Resources/Lack of Support: We pledge more federal support for adoption programs, proven crisis pregnancy centers, churches, and faith-based organizations that determine to provide more long-term services to women in desperate circumstances facing an unplanned pregnancy.

We are looking to help women who are choosing abortion out of a perception of a lack of support and resources to get them through a tough period. These are women who would normally choose life had they had emotional support to see them through the initial shock of an unexpected pregnancy, and long term support to help with financial hardship, prenatal care, and parental training.


Our Stance on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

We applaud the work of CPC’s that are involved in healthy, helpful, transparent practices that facilitate women in making the wonderful, but also tough decision to carry their babies to term. Our administration would look to fund programs that are doing this work powerfully and ethically with proven results. That good work, however, is eroded by the unethical practices of some CPC’s. In order for these CPC’s to make the impact they have declared, they must operate in transparency and without deceptive practices. They must not deceptively promote themselves as medical centers or allow patients to believe they are at an abortion clinic. They need licensing and regulation in order for women to be able to put their trust in them. They must not engage in a distortion of information or manipulative techniques to persuade women to continue their pregnancies. The power of life speaks for itself.


B. Risk to Livelihood/Career Progression: We will fight for pay equity for women, paid maternity and family leave, free pre-k and kindergarten, and protecting women against discrimination and employment insecurity in the workplace due to pregnancy.

Women are either delaying starting a family, or choosing abortion in the case of an unexpected pregnancy, not by personal preference, but because they fear negative repercussions on their ability to provide for their families, take care of independents, or their ability to advance in their career. As a result, some women are experiencing a deep sense of emotional distress, regret, and dismay later in life caused by difficulties in conception due to a higher maternal age, or due to the abortion procedure itself. Yet, had they chosen differently as a single women, they risked the type of discrimination in the workplace that could result in a demotion, slowed progress, loss of income, or loss of position altogether which could lead to greater financial hardship with a newborn. We must support women and mothers in their desire to have both families and careers.


C. Victimization: When a woman chooses life in the face of unimaginable circumstance such as a pregnancy as the result of rape, she should be supported to the highest degree for her heroism and sacrifice.

The convicted rapist should not only have to serve time but have his wages and/or property garnished to cover prenatal expenses and child support until the child is 18. If this seems steep, consider the fact that a rapist has not just committed rape, he has committed murder. There is the murder of self-esteem, the murder of confidence in the face of shame, the murder of a feeling of personal security, the murder of the success of future intimate relationships. These things the woman may suffer from the moment of the incident to the end of her lifetime. Why then should any convicted rapist proven guilty get off with a slap on the wrist?


Initiative #1:

Greater Penalties for convicted rapists and sex offenders

We need greater penalties for proven sexual assault and for convicted rapists, and we will fight for greater support for women who choose to carry to term in the face of these horrific circumstances.

Initiative #2:

Prosecution of Sex and Human Traffickers and Corporations who participate in its proliferation

America must again rise to the top in its handling of trafficking. Our current system is being gamed by international organizations or corporations who have seen our delay or lack of ever punishing or prosecuting.

Where do we stand on late-term abortion?

We stand against late-term abortion. We understand there are a very small proportion of women who have abortions due to health concerns or fetal anomalies, but the large majority choose termination because of an unintended pregnancy. We will work to assure that late-term abortion not become an option for those not in any certain life-threatening risk. We would work to prohibit broad-ranging legislation looking to further its practice and increase its commonality.

The reasons most frequently cited for choosing abortion are interference with education, work, or the ability to care for dependents. Affordability, the daunting possibility of single motherhood, being unprepared to transition to motherhood, and having relationship problems were also highly stated as reasons for choosing abortion. “Unreadiness to parent” is the reason most often given for having an abortion.


Welfare Reform and its relation to decreasing the abortion rate

Lack of financial resources and the absence of a partner are two reasons given often for abortion. People who get abortions are disproportionately likely to have low incomes — in 2014, 49 percent had family incomes below the poverty line. The infrastructure of our public assistance programs has systemic poverty built into them, disallowing various opportunities that could aid in the building of a pathway out of poverty. Currently, women are financially penalized for increases in income and for having participating fathers in the home. We would work to change those aspects of our assistance programs so that families can build two-parent homes.

Additionally, when given raises and promotions that take their income above the poverty line, they would not have their assistance cut off before they have the time they need to save money and increase their standards of living financially, personally, emotionally, and professionally.

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