More on what Pro-Human means to us

We aim to give, preserve, and empower life, while refusing to dehumanize people who think, believe, or live differently. We care for mankind from the womb to the tomb. Because of that, it is our mission to search exhaustingly for common ground on some of our nation’s most divisive issues. Stalemates are no longer an option. In fact, we believe they are the cause of an increased loss of life. 

At the end of the day, we believe our people are of tremendous value in more ways than one. They are the people that not only enrich our lives on a personal level, but they are our most valuable resource as a nation. Our people are our solutions providers. Even in an increasingly automated age, and with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, nothing can truly replace the power of people.

Our Pro-Human platforms cover our goal of having an ever-decreasing abortion rate.  We will work to assure that no woman feels forced to choose abortion out of victimization, desperation, lack of resources and support, or fear of pregnancy discrimination, demotion in the workplace, and ultimately loss of her livelihood. 

Our pro-human policies also cover everything from immigration, to education, mental health awareness, and beyond.

Roadmap to Restoration

Breakthrough Solutions for Black America, Immigrants, Native Americans, Military Service Members and Veterans, Children, Mental Health, and more!

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Abortion and Reproductive Health

We care for mankind from the womb to the tomb. Find out more on what we believe for Reproductive Possibility.

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For those of you wanting not just a break from the divisive chaos, but wanting to be part of the solution and join other purpose pushers, transformation architects, and big believers to help Jade see this thing through, get involved today!

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