Jade Simmons truly listens to the people, and it influences her policies and platforms

Something that we focused on earlier in the campaign and want to restate and revisit is that right at this very moment, the world needs to hear your voice! We were created to use our voice for good! 

Your voice is powerful, and it will make a difference. It has the potential to be a catalyst for change, reinvention, and restoration.

We also want to remind you that YOU HAVE A VOICE in Operation Restoration! What you think and believe is important to us. Your ideas, suggestions, concerns, and values are important to us. Jade will always put YOU first and wants to hear from you! 

From the very beginning, Jade has made a point to create opportunities where she was able to meet people face to face and could truly listen and hear what they had to say. Covid-19 made it impossible for Jade to host any large meetings, events, or traditional campaign parties (however we don’t do things the traditional way anyways:), but we shifted over to virtual with our “Meet the...

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