Who Does She Think She Is?!

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

The act of ‘naysaying’ is an interesting sort of animal. It stems from fear. It stems from disbelief. It stems from insecurity. And just like you, I’ve met my fair share of naysayers from colleagues, managers, parishioners, family, etc.

Unfortunately, we all have experienced the poison of naysaying. These folks don’t necessarily mean harm towards the one upon whom they are reflecting their doubt, so I instantly have a bandwidth of forgiveness for them. To them, this doubt is seen as a layer of protection because maybe they or someone they knew had lost something, lost someone, failed at something, failed with someone, etc. and they simply don’t want any repeated risk for failure for themselves or you. Naysayers want you to wear sunscreen and then stay in your house. They think that if you don’t venture outside and wear sunscreen, then you can’t get burned. No burn, no grief, right?

We’re human. Life is not perfect; we all have our struggles and different crosses to bear.

When I went public with my announcement about running for president, I almost toppled over from the outpour of support! However, as soon as the naysayers caught whiff of the announcement, their antennas perked up, their doubt-meters buzzed off the charts, and their fears crept in.

The most popular naysayer question I receive is: Jade, do you have any political experience?! You don’t?! So why would you run for such an important position as president?!

Must I have political experience to be a promising, viable candidate for the presidency?

President Eisenhower, President Grant, President Hoover, and President Taylor all lacked political experience but decided to run for president anyway. They drew strength and unique advantages from their previous work and life experiences to lead this country. Also, our currently-elected president had no political experience when he decided to run and he was still elected into office. How many people are there in the world and in the history of the world who didn’t have experience concerning a role they wanted? If it is a lack of experience that you’re worried about me having, I’ll present you more examples proving my case that most people step into their roles and not necessarily because they are the most qualified by society’s grading standard.

  • Bill Gates - college dropout, founder of Microsoft, billionaire
  • Amancio Ortega - dropped out of school at 14, chairman of Inditex, billionaire
  • Oprah Winfrey - fired from journalist job, started successful long-running talk show, founder/owner of HARPO studios, billionaire
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi - dropped out of school at 22, president of Nintendo, billionaire

I’m not discouraging furthering one’s education by way of college, nor am I romanticizing becoming a billionaire. My point is that life is what you make it, no matter which setbacks you might face. We literally have the power and potential to become anyone we wish. And I fully endorse this notion, so long as one’s actions only help, support, and better others’ lives without harming anyone or anything along the way.

No president has ever been president before. Does any president know “exactly” what they are getting into? No. No one ever knows exactly what they are getting into regarding a role that they’ve never experienced. I am a concert pianist turned public speaker from Charleston, South Carolina. Have I been president of the United States before? No...and no one has. I am stepping into this role because this is where I have been guided to do with regard to my journey and what my life has led up to. I have big plans to help turn this country into a land that truly reflects the freedoms, justices, and amenities written in our constitution.


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