What's Your Sweet Spot?

volunteer Jul 01, 2020

The other day a woman was expressing her frustration that people were showing more concern for protestors and Black lives than sex trafficking.

My immediate thought was: “That’s because you’re passionate about sex trafficking! No matter what other issues arise, you will always feel that the one thing you care deeply about is not being recognized or heard as much.”

We all care, to some extent, about every issue, but the topics that grieve our hearts and weigh on our minds the most are what I call “sweet spots.” These are areas for which you have been designed to make an impact and create change because YOU have a heart for it.

What world problems keep you up at night? What news headlines get your blood boiling? Is it the environment? Domestic violence? Veteran affairs? Or, what about homelessness? That’s a sweet spot!

The same goes for your gifts and skill sets as well. Social media may not be “your thing,” but maybe you enjoy administrative work, love researching, or you’re good on the phone. It’s all important. It all counts.

This is why I am excited about the volunteer opportunities at Operation Restoration 2020. We have a variety of ways you can make a difference using your “sweet spots.” 

If you have specific skills you can engage, check out our Volunteer Roles.

If you’re passionate about a specific topic, consider joining our “Briefer Team.”

You have an amazing opportunity to make historic change using your natural gifts, passions, and talents. If you’re willing, we’re ready to employ you!

Contact us today!

Isis Smalls

Director of Volunteer Teams

Contact: [email protected]


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