A New Communicator for the New Era Ahead

who is jade simmons Jul 02, 2020

It was once Jade started putting more emphasis on the speaking parts of her piano concerts that she would challenge stereotypes and explore new possibilities, all while inspiring her audiences. Jade’s stories were what really touched the hearts of the audiences she was serving and started to open new doors to different stages and platforms. 

Around this same time, Jade and her husband had started a family, so she wanted to be focused on profitability, security, and sustainability, as well as career-building. It was her desire to personally provide more for her family AND to make a bigger impact on the world around her (outside of music). It all started when she gave a speech of a lifetime in a very small room with very few people, which gave way to an opportunity for her first speaking engagement. 

It was then that Jade transitioned from freelance artist to entrepreneur and built out a professional speaking sector of her business, Jade Media. 

In a very short time, she was able to translate her musical background, training, and her experiences on differentiating in the world of Classical music to what companies wanted to learn about innovation, creativity, productivity, impact, and purpose. Combining inspiration, entertainment, and powerful content, Jade has created one-of-a-kind main stage keynote experiences that have impacted people all over the world.


She is a sought-after speaker, coach, and author, who is brought in by the world’s most superlative and recognized brands to spark transformation in their people. She was named one of the “Best Keynote Speakers” of both 2019 and 2020 and is in high demand within the meetings and events industry. Jade Media eventually transitioned to Jade Media Global, LLC, a certified woman-owned business, with a diverse team of other inspiring women. Jade now travels all over the globe speaking and sharing her trademark message of transformation and purpose.   

👉🏾 So, how does this all translate into Jade being a competent leader of our country? 

Throughout her life, when the time called for it, and when there were voids she felt she could fill, Jade purposefully transformed and diversified her offerings to rise to each occasion. She is constantly driven by a desire to influence and inspire people to be the biggest, boldest versions of themselves possible. She encourages people to be the version of themselves that stand to make the most impact. As her career took off, Jade used it to have a broader impact, to reach more people, and to reach people in a way that would forever mark how they would experience life and business.
Jade has partnered with many purpose-based companies that are known for prioritizing their people and the customers that they serve. As a result, she has met some of the best, people-focused leaders in the most demonized industries, including insurance, banking, technology, and pharmaceuticals. She’s inspired unsung heroes to operate as transformative leaders for their teams.

From kids to corporate, with leadership, college audiences, women’s groups, arts, and faith-based programs in between, the result is always the same.

She gets people to bring more of themselves to every single table, every single time.

She causes burned out leaders to reconnect with their people in transformative ways, and she creates an atmosphere for discovery and collaboration capable of birthing the most powerful solutions. She’ll do the same as president, fostering a new era of purpose-based public/private partnerships unlike the merely one-sided, transactional deals we’re used to.

Her administration would empower and incentivize sustainable people-first initiatives, borderless collaboration between states during times of crisis, and national leadership that inspires us to do hard things in hard times that help us win. She brings a powerful connection with business leaders who know her as a servant-leader who has already powerfully served their people.

Make no mistake, communication will be key. Communication with all types of people, of varying viewpoints, with varying agendas, will be crucial.

Jade Simmons is the new communicator we need for the new era ahead.


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