Jade Simmons truly listens to the people, and it influences her policies and platforms

Something that we focused on earlier in the campaign and want to restate and revisit is that right at this very moment, the world needs to hear your voice! We were created to use our voice for good! 

Your voice is powerful, and it will make a difference. It has the potential to be a catalyst for change, reinvention, and restoration.

We also want to remind you that YOU HAVE A VOICE in Operation Restoration! What you think and believe is important to us. Your ideas, suggestions, concerns, and values are important to us. Jade will always put YOU first and wants to hear from you! 

From the very beginning, Jade has made a point to create opportunities where she was able to meet people face to face and could truly listen and hear what they had to say. Covid-19 made it impossible for Jade to host any large meetings, events, or traditional campaign parties (however we don’t do things the traditional way anyways:), but we shifted over to virtual with our “Meet the Candidate” events that have been available for anyone to host and invite their family and friends. This has been a great way for Jade to share her platforms and policies in a more intimate setting AND to hear from the American people, from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

In addition to the “Meet the Candidate” events, Jade has hosted several meet and greets in the different cities that she has been able to travel to. They have been smaller gatherings to ensure proper safety protocol with Covid-19, but she continues to create opportunities to allow other voices to be heard.

During her livestreams on her social channels, she always welcomes questions from her viewers and has been able to accommodate most interview requests. Jade has spent many hours with members of the general public as well, who are also specialists and experts in different areas so that she could be informed and educated. 

Why does she make this a priority? 

All of Jade’s policies, platforms, and plans are influenced by YOU and the others that have shared their voice with us. Jade knows that we need a leader who truly cares about the American people and takes into consideration their challenges, concerns, and what is important to them. She will be a president for ALL people! 

Thank you for sharing your voice with us over the past several months! We hope you will continue to share your vision and suggestions with us, and we also hope that you will passionately use your voice over the next month to help spread the word about Jade & Operation Restoration! 

Now, more than ever, America is desperate to find a different voice and a different option and WE PROVIDE THAT!


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