Jade Simmons truly listens to the people, and it influences her policies and platforms

Something that we focused on earlier in the campaign and want to restate and revisit is that right at this very moment, the world needs to hear your voice! We were created to use our voice for good! 

Your voice is powerful, and it will make a difference. It has the potential to be a catalyst for change, reinvention, and restoration.

We also want to remind you that YOU HAVE A VOICE in Operation Restoration! What you think and believe is important to us. Your ideas, suggestions, concerns, and values are important to us. Jade will always put YOU first and wants to hear from you! 

From the very beginning, Jade has made a point to create opportunities where she was able to meet people face to face and could truly listen and hear what they had to say. Covid-19 made it impossible for Jade to host any large meetings, events, or traditional campaign parties (however we don’t do things the traditional way anyways:), but we shifted over to virtual with our “Meet the...

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A New Communicator for the New Era Ahead

who is jade simmons Jul 02, 2020

It was once Jade started putting more emphasis on the speaking parts of her piano concerts that she would challenge stereotypes and explore new possibilities, all while inspiring her audiences. Jade’s stories were what really touched the hearts of the audiences she was serving and started to open new doors to different stages and platforms. 

Around this same time, Jade and her husband had started a family, so she wanted to be focused on profitability, security, and sustainability, as well as career-building. It was her desire to personally provide more for her family AND to make a bigger impact on the world around her (outside of music). It all started when she gave a speech of a lifetime in a very small room with very few people, which gave way to an opportunity for her first speaking engagement. 

It was then that Jade transitioned from freelance artist to entrepreneur and built out a professional speaking sector of her business, Jade Media. 

In a very...

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What's Your Sweet Spot?

volunteer Jul 01, 2020

The other day a woman was expressing her frustration that people were showing more concern for protestors and Black lives than sex trafficking.

My immediate thought was: “That’s because you’re passionate about sex trafficking! No matter what other issues arise, you will always feel that the one thing you care deeply about is not being recognized or heard as much.”

We all care, to some extent, about every issue, but the topics that grieve our hearts and weigh on our minds the most are what I call “sweet spots.” These are areas for which you have been designed to make an impact and create change because YOU have a heart for it.

What world problems keep you up at night? What news headlines get your blood boiling? Is it the environment? Domestic violence? Veteran affairs? Or, what about homelessness? That’s a sweet spot!

The same goes for your gifts and skill sets as well. Social media may not be...

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Who Does She Think She Is?!

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

The act of ‘naysaying’ is an interesting sort of animal. It stems from fear. It stems from disbelief. It stems from insecurity. And just like you, I’ve met my fair share of naysayers from colleagues, managers, parishioners, family, etc.

Unfortunately, we all have experienced the poison of naysaying. These folks don’t necessarily mean harm towards the one upon whom they are reflecting their doubt, so I instantly have a bandwidth of forgiveness for them. To them, this doubt is seen as a layer of protection because maybe they or someone they knew had lost something, lost someone, failed at something, failed with someone, etc. and they simply don’t want any repeated risk for failure for themselves or you. Naysayers want you to wear sunscreen and then stay in your house. They think that if you don’t venture outside and wear sunscreen, then you can’t get burned. No burn, no grief, right?

We’re human. Life is not perfect; we all have our...

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A Nation on Its Knees

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2020

There’s an awesome song by TobyMac that highly represents the current state of this nation called “City On Our Knees”. 

The chorus of the song sings: 

“If you gotta start somewhere, why not here?

If you gotta start sometime, why not now?

If we gotta start somewhere, I say here.

If we gotta start sometime, I say now.”

The purpose of this song can be applied to our nation. I believe that we should view our nation as one, big, interconnected city. All of us have basic needs such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, and other needs. The chorus of this song is essentially the reason I decided to run for president of the United States. As your candidate for the presidential election, I am ready to answer this call to action that TobyMac sings about. I am ready to step up from being an everyday civilian to the leader of the free world! This is no small leap and I’m totally aware of this. Yet, I feel empowered to make the jump. 

Just like...

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